Cornwall’s Handmade Picture Frames


Carefully Crafted, Traditional Framing

At Sunday Framing, we believe in the power of art. That’s why we design and craft all of our frames by hand, bringing meticulous care and attention to detail to everything we do. Your artwork, pictures, and sports memorabilia need to be able to shine, and our hand-crafted frames provide the perfect home for any work to stand out. 

We take everything we do seriously because we know how important your work is to you, whether you’re a seasoned artist, an avid sports fan, or a gallery collector. We give each of our frames our full attention and care, using the highest standard materials and traditional methods to provide an exceptional mounting to every piece. 

We’ll always use the best quality materials and traditional methods, hand-finishing our frames and using museum-quality glass to guarantee that you’re satisfied with our work – and ready to display yours. Our frames are designed not just for aesthetic beauty but to keep your artwork pristine for years to come and ensure you can keep on proudly showing your pieces. 

Contact Us

Get in touch with our resident framing expert Shane to discuss all of your framing needs in Penzance and across Cornwall. We’ll craft a picture frame to suit your needs – whatever they may be. If you require a bespoke frame, we can order materials to get the job done to the absolute highest standard, and be able to design a frame with you in mind to suit your display space. Call 07909 583 609, or email us at